Evidence-based treatment for depression exists.

Help get it to those who need it most.


Evidence-based treatment for depression exists.

Help get it to the people who need it most.


Vida Plena (meaning ‘a flourishing life’ in Spanish) provides evidence-based depression treatment to marginalized Ecuadorians and refugee communities at scale.

Like you, we believe that regardless of their circumstances, every person should have access to the care they need to live a thriving and flourishing life – your support is vital to make this possible.

How to donate

For donations of $1,000 or more, or to make a tax-deductible donation in the UK or Ecuador, please contact us.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes, in the US we are a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is: 87-4372490

    For other countries, please contact us.

    How are online donations used?

    All donations contribute directly to our general operating fund, covering essential costs in Ecuador, where all our staff and contractors are based. Instead of linking a donation to a specific outcome, consider it as supporting a percentage of our annual budget, enabling us to achieve our goals.

    But to give you an idea of how your donation will be used, here’s a breakdown of some of our costs:

    • $120 – Individual Support 
      • Provide comprehensive treatment for one person, covering nine sessions and ongoing follow-ups.
    • $800 Monthly / $9,600 Annually – Group Facilitator 
      • Hiring an additional Community Facilitator will extend care to approximately 400 more individuals, ensuring continued support.
    • $1,800 – new group facilitator training 
      • provides the initial training for 10 group facilitators to become certified in group interpersonal therapy 
    • $50,000 – Expansion to New Region 
      • Bring care to a new region in Ecuador. This includes the establishment of training and outreach teams, bringing vital mental health care to areas that are currently underserved and neglected.

    I’m interested in making a large donation, what should I do?

    Please email us so we can provide you with direct donation information to avoid the processing fees (4% if done via our website) of our donation processing platform.

    Why can’t people in Ecuador get mental health care from somewhere else?

    Low government spending: Mental health makes up less than 0.04% of the national health budget in Ecuador- 9X less than other countries in Latin America. The result is it’s extremely difficult to get an appointment with a psychologist, and they are only based in the larger cities.

    High private costs: 78% of the Ecuadorians work informally earning far below the minimum wage, meaning that private mental health care is not affordable.


    What else should I know about Vida Plena?

    We’re the first to use Group Interpersonal Therapy (g-IPT) in Latin America: While g-IPT is being widely applied throughout Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East, we’re the first to use it in our region. We’re actively working to build local credibility and establish a significant foothold in the region.

    We’re on a Path to Self-Sustainability: Vida Plena is actively moving towards self-sustainability. We are developing a co-payer model with local businesses and securing contracts with development agencies. Strengthening our credibility with these entities reduces dependency on private donations in the future.