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Talks & Podcasts

EA for Christians

Christian Impact Professionals Conference in Washington DC

Why incorporating mental health into international development projects is critical practically and morally.

EACH Annual Conference, London 2023

How Vida Plena is bringing cost-effective and evidence-based mental health care to Latin America.

EAG-SF 2023

Reasons to care about mental health and how Vida Plena is working to bring cost-effective care to Latin America.

EA for Christians

Effective Altrusim for Christians: Annual Conference 2022

Alongside Happier Lives team member Samual Dupret, Joy talks about subjective wellbeing and Vida Plena’s approach to mental health.


Joy talks about Vida Plena and the impact of mental health interventions in the developing world.

51 Stories of Emotional Wellbeing

A chat about Vida Plena’s approach to treating mental health and unique challenges in the context of Latin America.

Writings and Mentions

EA for Christians

Effective Altrusim for Christians: Community Stories

Joy shares the founding story of Vida Plena and what guides our work.

EA for Christians

Effective Altrusim Forum

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